Rehearsal Notes, November 14 2017

Here are the conductor notes in anticipation of rehearsal on Tuesday, November 14:

Descant Choir rehearsal this week was OUTSTANDING! Singers are becoming focused, poised, expressive and are making great music! We have just 3 more regular weekly rehearsals and one dress rehearsal before our first concert! Keep up the great practicing and come to our next rehearsal ready to sing!

1. Rehearsal Start on Nov 14: At the start of next Tuesday’s rehearsal, choir members should put all belongings, including choir folders in the pews before taking your seat on our stage. This is the only notice that you will receive. Print out or make yourself a reminder to help remember what to do when arriving for rehearsal.

2. Songs that are Memorized = your solo performance is so confidently accurate that you are able to sing it with no mistakes while showing outstanding posture (both feet solid on the floor, hands/arms relaxed at your side, expressive face and eyes). Ask a family member to listen and observe you rehearse or Facetime with a family member who lives far away. Give it try!

  • Do You Hear What I Hear
  • Shine Little Light
  • Somewhere in my Memory
  • Wassail
  • Let There Be Peace
  • Holiday Sing-a-long
  • Wind on the Hill
  • The Path to the Moon (no practice recording; past performances by AAYC available for listening on YouTube)
  • Remember Me Singing (see Path to the Moon note)

3. Planning Ahead:
For Descant Choir to be able to sing for amazing concerts like our AAYC Winter concert at BUCC (12/3) and the Holiday Pops concert with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra (12/15), all singers must come to rehearsals prepared, practiced and memorized. Daily practice is necessary to build memory and confidence. Singers in this great choir must be singing our repertoire every day.

4. Making the Most of our Rehearsal Time Together:
All singers, accompanists, and conductors enjoy working on our music most when every singer has their folder, a pencil, and a positive attitude during rehearsal. It also helps to keep your energy up by eating a healthy snack and hydrating with water before arrival. Please do NOT bring gum, food or drinks into the rehearsal sanctuary – finish them before you arrive or save them to enjoy again on the way home.

5. Season Calendar Updates: Keep a printout in your music folder. NOTE: revised times and locations for Holiday Pops-related rehearsals were published in last Friday’s newsletter and the calendar is reattached here.

Have a great week,
Mrs Powell

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