Our Mission

Karaoke-athon October 2017“The lessons I learned at AAYC were immensely formative for me as a musician. I was held to high standards in regards to my musicianship, being prepared, being on time, and being a dependable member of a group.”

 – A former choir member

Our Mission

Ann Arbor Youth Chorale exists to enrich artistically the lives of children, their families, and the community through choral music performance.

AAYC’s Goals

  • To foster the personal and social growth of choir members and promote their sense of self-worth, accomplishment, and pride.
  • To attain the highest level of excellence in public and recorded performance.
  • To offer membership to children of all racial, cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds.
  • To increase the quality of singing in area youth choirs by providing an organization which augments the available choral experiences.
  • To contribute to the cultural life of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the nation.

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